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quote marksFollow nature, and she will be your instructor. The ways of nature are simple, and she does not require any complicated prescriptions. The invisible forces in the body are powerful and may be guided by the imagin- ation and propelled by the will.quote marks

Paracelsus (1493-1541)

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Hear the real voice of alternative medicine, one of the world's leading experts. His knowledge has been likened by radio interviewers to a "human encyclopedia". Unlike most of the smart alec health "gurus" out there, he's actually a real MD, a British surgeon, a physician and maverick, now living in California.

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In this world of increasing economic duress, it's vital to keep yourself healthy. Frankly, you cannot afford to let yourself or your loved ones fall sick. Who wants to be sick anyway? It's much more fun to be happy and zestful and living life to the full.

To do that, you need to understand the forces in your environment. It's an increasingly toxic world and owing to modern farming methods food has lost much of its value. Stress is now out through the roof, with threats from global warming, terrorism, economic collapse and pandemic disease on top of all our personal worries. We are so far removed from what Nature intended that, believe it or not, modern humans are not as healthy as we were 30,000 years ago!

The WORST thing you can do is do nothing. That way you'll exit in a box years before you need to, suffering unnecessarily along the way. We don't want that, do we?

The solution, of course, is knowledge. You need to know what you are up against, what it means and how to deal with it. That's where you'll find this teleseminar series extremely helpful. You learn, straight from a friendly voice.

You can trust Dr Keith because he isn't taking patients or trying to sell you a range of "specially developed" products. There is no financial bias whatever. He is free to "tell it like it is" (and HE CERTAINLY DOESN'T HOLD BACK!)

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Geopathic Stress

A major source of health impairment that is little known and little discussed. You need to know this!
(large file: this lasted 1hr 45 minutes)

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What happens when antibiotics no longer work?

MRSA and similar superbugs threaten our future health. But there are alternatives; many alternatives....
(also pretty large: 1hr 25 minutes)

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Journaling For Life

How journaling can help you ease stress, overcome pain, fight cancer and in many other ways lead you to a better, healthier life.
(1 hr 24 minutes)

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The Russian SCENAR

This is patched from 2 separate talks, months apart. I'm sorry for this but still plenty of great info!!

Mushrooms as miracle healers

Mushrooms have awesome powers as immune boosters, cancer destroyers, brain boosters and liver protectors, to name just a few.

If you want info on where to buy when you are done, get over to:

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